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TCONNECT is a high performance Wi-Fi network deployed throughout TTC subway stations, platforms and mezzanines. With 75 station platforms online, our network encompasses all TTC stations throughout the four main transit lines across the city. Launched in December 2013 with a mission to meet the growing needs of Toronto transit riders, TCONNECT’s high capacity network accommodates tens of thousands of users daily as they make their way through Toronto’s transit stations. The TCONNECT Wi-Fi network has been enabled throughout the TTC subway station network since mid-2017.
TCONNECT, is an advertiser sponsored Wi-Fi network that is FREE to TTC subway riders and allows access to the internet, including: Email, social media, and real-time transit updates. Connecting is easy for TTC subway riders, who simply select SSID: ‘TCONNECT’ in the Wi-Fi settings of their wireless device, open their internet browser and click “Connect” on the TCONNECT home page.
BAI Canada manages the exclusive contract with the TTC to deploy and operate wireless communications networks, including cellular and Wi-Fi services, throughout the underground TTC subway system used by more than 1.7 million riders daily. BAI Canada is part of BAI Communications, A group of global experts who are leaders in designing, building and operating highly accessible communications networks – broadcast, radio, cellular, Wi-Fi and digital – for customers across Australia, Asia and North America. Another BAI subsidiary, RFE, based in Hong Kong, has 20+ years of experience in engineering and maintaining wireless networks in underground transit environments; having successfully completed multi-carrier DAS systems in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.
Closer to home, the Transit Wireless team continues to work with one of the world’s largest and busiest subway systems, the New York MTA. Upon completion, this remarkable project will achieve wireless network connectivity to more than five million NYC underground subway riders each day.